Cyanide & Happiness Compilation - #31

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преди 3 дни

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Time for a fresh compilation of recent shorts!

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Girl Fight
Grand Theft Otto
Fart in a Jar Martin Goes to Jail
Freds Downtown Deli
Grandpas Skydive
Bernard the Butler

Edna candido
Edna candido преди 12 минути
That so funny "my invisiballs"
Meh Meh
Meh Meh преди 3 часа
I just want to ask Otto one thing. What’s your deal bro?
How'd he not notice the paint was making his house invisible
Gerdy the grey
Gerdy the grey преди 6 часа
Kinda expecting girl fight to end with him actually beating his wife.
Roblox Tutorials Garland Texas
Roblox Tutorials Garland Texas преди 7 часа
desertceratops1 Witmer
desertceratops1 Witmer преди 8 часа
The butter just vore The rich man
Jacob Louie von Freiesleben
Jacob Louie von Freiesleben преди 8 часа
Wont the sensors detect the bags and open
warriorcat преди 9 часа
I love how in the end of the girl fight one she just chokes that man with one hand lol.
berrrick daniels
berrrick daniels преди 9 часа
7:34 to 7:44, I couldn´t stop laughing bruh
Fabianos преди 9 часа
In Germany we have: HELMUT STÖHNEN
Mason Sena
Mason Sena преди 13 часа
How the frick is the paint Rollie not invisible if he was using invisible paint 🤔
destinee miller
destinee miller преди 13 часа
These guys are so stupid like he think he obviously beat up his girlfriend but his girlfriend she was fighting a girl
Phresh King
Phresh King преди 14 часа
Fart in a jar marvin marvin met his alternate self
•izuku• преди 16 часа
These shorts need holy water 😂
MyGuyCryptic преди 16 часа
My invisiballs
Your Amazon package
Your Amazon package преди 16 часа
“MMMMMM very good sir” 😏 *Proceeds to walk away after eating a human alive*
Raspini преди 17 часа
"my invisiballs" - Invisibill
Dominic Wilson
Dominic Wilson преди 18 часа
Girl fight was wholesome I loved it ngl but the fart in a jar Martin one made me wanna punch Martin
𝗟1𝗟_𝗝𝗗 преди 20 часа
The girl fight just reminds me of th last time i hit my sister..
Mr Black
Mr Black преди 20 часа
if there's any cyanide & happiness character that I hate, it has to be fart in a jar martin. disgusting to the point of gagging.
KNIGHTSTALKERX преди 23 часа
*"Very good sir"*
Tapiwanashe Mutsvairo
Tapiwanashe Mutsvairo преди 23 часа
Dude get a restraining order
Kermity's Adventures
Kermity's Adventures преди ден
How did he got in the bank in the first place
Elliot W
Elliot W преди ден
Ngl I honestly was going to skip Freds Downtoen Deli the minute I saw the option offered. 😅
Bryden Sellers
Bryden Sellers преди ден
January 21st
Psycho Jatt
Psycho Jatt преди ден
Ash the giant pistol in background while the invisible man is passing by
Scrotor преди ден
0451. Nice.
Oammas Last Name the I
Oammas Last Name the I преди ден
Invisibill has no business being so literate yet he is and its glorious tbh
Jaymer Fill
Jaymer Fill преди ден
he had us in the first half not gonna lie
Kelvin Waiyaki
Kelvin Waiyaki преди ден
7:34 man was opening a fifth dimensional rift into space and time
Simple преди ден
Phuc yu
Tankerman1726 преди ден
Dang Bernard really needs to chew better so he doesn't risk choking
yonic the cartoon
yonic the cartoon преди ден
Blue balls? Nah. Invisiballs? Noice.
Cynthia Lewis
Cynthia Lewis преди ден
A women will protect her man!!
Sean Kojo Bawuah
Sean Kojo Bawuah преди ден
15:15 the white part of Bernard's hair show the souls he has devoured, he's literally a demon omg
Evonix преди ден
They shoulda said "shoot between the sacks!"
Luke Brundidge
Luke Brundidge преди ден
It mine as well be a steal 😉😉😉
Zetari преди ден
I tried to skip the advert clip, it was just automatic
Theodore Tekkers
Theodore Tekkers преди ден
Martin you weirdo!
Jannis 11
Jannis 11 преди ден
A Wild Nabob
A Wild Nabob преди ден
I like how the men were about to kill that man for supposedly beating women, then immediately tried to beat a woman.
sarv преди ден
i like how nobody sees the skydiving instructor
Naive doggo209
Naive doggo209 преди ден
My invisaballs
Sajid Mahmood
Sajid Mahmood преди ден
When grandpa had sex his wife saw he is fale
Steins gate Fedaisi
Steins gate Fedaisi преди ден
31 sj
Johnathan Jostar
Johnathan Jostar преди ден
Looks like Mario and Luigi didn't have a good life with the plumbing so Mario switched his name and started running a restaurant
Andre McLaurin
Andre McLaurin преди ден
So you like to beat up girls...🙄🙄
Jacob Velasquez
Jacob Velasquez преди ден
My Invisiballs
sealks22 преди ден
Freds is the shit
Lord Touch me
Lord Touch me преди ден
How did that police officer let him go , didn’t he noticed how he look?
Luan Ataide
Luan Ataide преди ден
So I was born the same day and month as Martin's fart in a jar. neat
Cum Cum
Cum Cum преди ден
i really want to see a second part of invisibill dude
殺OmegaWuzDeadツ殺 преди ден
Explosm is the reason MeatCanyon exists
Stanley Karwoski
Stanley Karwoski преди ден
Love how the entire cartridge is fired at 1:04
Gahna Mohana
Gahna Mohana преди ден
I feel bad for martin
Sreejith AR
Sreejith AR преди ден
So fart in a jar Martin is 37 now
Doggo преди ден
"what the fuck" Doggo 2021
Paper JAM
Paper JAM преди ден
I know Half-Off Oscar, and Two-for-One Todd are gonna face off, but what if we throw Grand Theft Otto in the mix?
pxy online
pxy online преди ден
Bernard and the invisible man in the same universe..... if they team up, they'll be epic
Charles Fitzpatrick
Charles Fitzpatrick преди 2 дни
Bernard the Butler taking this whole "eat the rich" philosophy to an extreme
Luigi336 Raphael
Luigi336 Raphael преди 2 дни
10:49 wait, Luigi's ????? 😃👌
Brian O
Brian O преди 2 дни
The Judge sounds like he might be a large skeleton that wears a sombrero.
ツBRREKI преди 2 дни
Don't pin me
Wilson преди 2 дни
Bhil Swift; Do YOU WANT INVISI *BILL* ?? Dave:ill take it Bhil Swift: ok Dave: NOW i Dont have any tax and *bill*
Honk Honkster
Honk Honkster преди 2 дни
Where is dress I cannot find phuc you
RICARDO LAWS преди 2 дни
Rhys Sanders
Rhys Sanders преди 2 дни
Why are we not taking about Fart in a Jar Martin that much? God damn that was good asf
LalTanpuia Mc
LalTanpuia Mc преди 2 дни
My invisiBalls.
Carlos Taylor
Carlos Taylor преди 2 дни
7:14 His eyelids went over his glasses
Damien Juarez
Damien Juarez преди 2 дни
Never noticed the clipboard had "release mart In a jar fartin"
Flemming Pedersen
Flemming Pedersen преди 2 дни
The doors would open for Invisibill: A passive infrared detector works on heat differences... Can't believe Cyanide and Happiness isn't factual accurate.
๖ۣۜƊบke كمغ
๖ۣۜƊบke كمغ преди 2 дни
Martin's eyelids close at his glasses lens instead of his eyes.
SMToon Philippine
SMToon Philippine преди 2 дни
So I just realized the cook at Fred's Deli had his arm sizzling on the grill
Clinton Neumann
Clinton Neumann преди 2 дни
I'm going to say this fart in a jar Martin's fart in a jar is literally 1 year before my birth
Sniffy Owl
Sniffy Owl преди 2 дни
How did invisibill get In the bank
Dr Nigfar
Dr Nigfar преди 2 дни
That prison has a whole cinematic universe around it...
Potassium Cyanide
Potassium Cyanide преди 2 дни
Yea i also wonder how does people think of spouse of female mma fighter when they go out with the girl either bruised or patched
József Kása
József Kása преди 2 дни
Bernad *V O R E*
Chris Dwyane Soriao
Chris Dwyane Soriao преди 2 дни
If Gordon Ramsay visits Fred's Deli, he would close this restaurant immediately
Cadet Wright
Cadet Wright преди 10 часа
Im sure Gordon Ramsey will keep it up on how good the food is and as well how the employees serve food.
DangerIncreased преди 2 дни
9:19 - Me to my homeworks
Vaden Lorrin
Vaden Lorrin преди 2 дни
AmericanKid778 преди 2 дни
The girl fight one reminds me of my uncle walking into Walmart while my cousins and aunt were all injured.
Austin Vasarhelyi
Austin Vasarhelyi преди 2 дни
I hate Martin so fucking much
PUPPETMANJ преди 2 дни
Lol phuc you it spelt
Mr. Blue Sun
Mr. Blue Sun преди 2 дни
I bet it was a very good sir.
Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi
Announcer Speaker Box Bfdi преди 2 дни
When you roll up ur skin and snap ur neack and Un snap ur neack
Varun Gupta
Varun Gupta преди 2 дни
Bernard looks and sounds a lot like Geoffrey from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
Deadly Phantom2007
Deadly Phantom2007 преди 2 дни
9:50 Unexpected Ending (for me and probably the people who 👍 this comment)
Glâm Gîrl854
Glâm Gîrl854 преди 2 дни
My invisiballs😂😂😂😭😭😭😭
The Plauged Gamer
The Plauged Gamer преди 2 дни
Toilet Wine Terry is the type of person to be the tutorial NPC in a video game.
Aizam Iqbal
Aizam Iqbal преди 2 дни
how the hell he get past between the door in the first place
cjodyssey преди 2 дни
these guys make bank off rehashing their old content...i dont get it.. when they had a fraction of their current following, they were outputting more skits. wheres the new shit, wheres all this ad revenue going?
BurningFox преди 2 дни
Side projects, company funding (being larger means more people to pay), donations. Regular finance stuff.
Eclat Shwartzbaum / cybertune
Eclat Shwartzbaum / cybertune преди 2 дни
Hmm the F in freds was a quality grade ... lol
Eclat Shwartzbaum / cybertune
Eclat Shwartzbaum / cybertune преди 2 дни
It is good to learn that things aren’t always what they seem.
Yumpus Grumpus
Yumpus Grumpus преди 2 дни
I KNEW the Grandpa thing with the Grandma was gonna happen
Mystic Boar
Mystic Boar преди 2 дни
2:39 how are they gonna say to a guy that he likes beating up girls but then starts to fight one?
ItsSachi преди 2 дни
The fart in the jar martin one is me debating if i should beat or not
Lol bit
Lol bit преди 2 дни
I love this
CyberSlice преди 2 дни
"So you like beating girls huh?!" *tries to beat up girl*
深紅空 преди 2 дни
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