The Best Part of Waking Up | Cyanide & Happiness Comic Classics

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преди 20 дни

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Created By: Rob DenBleyker, Kris Wilson, Dave McElfatrick
Directed By: Dave McElfatrick
Based on Original Comic By: Dave McElfatrick
Animation Director: Bill Jones
Supervising Animator: Matt Thurman
Animation: Matt Thurman
Intro Animation: Paul Blair
Animatic: Connor Murphy
Character Design \u0026 Props: Paul Blair
Backgrounds: Paul Blair
Editor: Taylor Ransom
Sound Editor \u0026 Mixer: Ben Governale, Cymatic Studios
Sound‌ ‌Design/Foley:‌ ‌Nic‌ ‌Federle, Ben Governale
Voice Actors:
Guy: Kris Wilson
Produced By: Adam Nusrallah
Production Manager: Autumn Soeder
Production Coordinator: Michael Stewart

Joexonyou преди 2 дни
My name is Joe 😳
Adriano Souza
Adriano Souza преди 2 дни
Fart jokes never get old!
Nicky h225
Nicky h225 преди 3 дни
God I go through so many of these
Crimson преди 3 дни
The masters of dark humor
-SeRiOuS -
-SeRiOuS - преди 4 дни
*Me sees the title of the vid* Is folgers in your cup! ☕
Mikael Petronius
Mikael Petronius преди 5 дни
A cup of Joe... Now it's a pot of Joe
Eliomar Batista dos Santos
Eliomar Batista dos Santos преди 9 дни
Justforfun преди 9 дни
Ah!, an Auschwitz employee.
Mr. Suspicious
Mr. Suspicious преди 10 дни
I light my joe nice and light, white if you would call it, and not black
Jeremy Clayton
Jeremy Clayton преди 10 дни
Please blow this message up. A channel with the name @dirtyjokes11 on tik tok is taking all the credit for cyanide and happiness. I love this channel and i respect it. I watched since they started.
Nightwing4380 преди 11 дни
I couldn’t get the joke
GuiLoSon's Gaming Channel
GuiLoSon's Gaming Channel преди 12 дни
ARandomGuy0x0 преди 12 дни
Who's Joe?
ShameyT преди 11 дни
Joe Mama
Lightning Gaming
Lightning Gaming преди 12 дни
The best part of waking up is....................................Cyanide with a side of happiness in your cup
ეკა თიგიშვილი
ეკა თიგიშვილი преди 12 дни
Zeren Daug
Zeren Daug преди 13 дни
My friend: whats joe? Me: joe! Ma- .... um err.
Rad преди 14 дни
I really got caught off guard with this one. 😅
Alex Cannon
Alex Cannon преди 15 дни
Oh no it’s the hcbbs
Carlos Anzuelo
Carlos Anzuelo преди 16 дни
Joe who ? Joe Mama.
G Double
G Double преди 17 дни
The best part of waking up in the morning is going back to sleep
Thanatos Zevlow
Thanatos Zevlow преди 17 дни
There was an SCP the was similar. A vending machine I believe
tooter ailqkov
tooter ailqkov преди 17 дни
Yo, this pot hits good bro
Nara Gami
Nara Gami преди 17 дни
He had stock of making hot pot of Joe every morning
SomethingEnglish преди 17 дни
Ya know, unpopular opinion, but I prefer Steven.
Lewis K
Lewis K преди 17 дни
Awful video
Justin Portes
Justin Portes преди 17 дни
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish преди 18 дни
Just had to show this to my mate Joe lmfao
BreadMaker преди 18 дни
Have ya done the grandfather clock comic yet, that I liked that comic a lot
Cooljosh3k преди 18 дни
Ironically it was rather rejuvenating.
ghosty4 преди 18 дни
Short, and to the point!
Connor McFarland
Connor McFarland преди 18 дни
The best part of waking up-IS COCAINE IN YOUR CUUUUUUUUP
cREATOR преди 18 дни
Wonder what premium Joe taste like
Giran 0
Giran 0 преди 18 дни
The best part of waking up is not finding Folgers in your cup
Thanksfor Thesub
Thanksfor Thesub преди 18 дни
Who is Joe?
Mike’s EpicVinyls
Mike’s EpicVinyls преди 18 дни
Who else didn’t get it
Travis Smith
Travis Smith преди 18 дни
Patrick: I don't get it
gabes crazy
gabes crazy преди 18 дни
Please reduce the deafening intro
DARTH VEGETA преди 18 дни
As soon as he said Joe, I knew it was a corpse. Who else but cyanide and happiness
QwentyJ преди 18 дни
At least he can wake up...
Alberto_thethug преди 18 дни
me here tryna stay awake from an all nighter oh god
Guy Incognito
Guy Incognito преди 18 дни
Why do almost all of your characters have this weird shape on the edge of their mouths? It looks like there was a plan to put teeth there but they weren't colored in. I would be really happy for an answer. This has been buggin me for quite some time...
AKIRAZINHO_TOBÌ преди 18 дни
Welll pixel mó chá lano
TSWUIPS ! преди 18 дни
that looked weird.
Varizen87 преди 19 дни
Fair criticism: The Animated version doesn't hit as hard as the original strip as the character is missing the glow from the fire on him. Still funny. But missing a key element of the joke.
tnt kff
tnt kff преди 19 дни
...dammit, now I want to get a job at a crematorium just to make this joke...
Соколовський Антон
Соколовський Антон преди 19 дни
Who's Joe?
legend123ify преди 19 дни
I don't get it
Phy преди 19 дни
Nothing like really enjoying your job.
Bluebelluwu преди 19 дни
It’s the SCP-294 incident all over again...
Killkor преди 19 дни
SCP-294: MY MAN!
xaviarsly преди 19 дни
Naman преди 19 дни
I thought it was nazi camp
Torris Ali
Torris Ali преди 19 дни
I didn't get this one. I tried.
Mobius Prime
Mobius Prime преди 19 дни
Am I the only one who thought of the Folger's commercial?
HAMPTER преди 19 дни
Your channel in two words dark humor
Pawel Jasinski
Pawel Jasinski преди 19 дни
Who is Joe?
Enrik Ashraf
Enrik Ashraf преди 19 дни
I think he was talking about cremating a person named joe
L B преди 19 дни
Who’s joe?
Zangyfish преди 19 дни
Who's Joe?
conq 12
conq 12 преди 19 дни
Thought it's gonna make the Fogle coffee incest joke
Gumball Watterson
Gumball Watterson преди 19 дни
The best part of waking up is not waking up
Jesse杰西 преди 19 дни
What ???
Ankit преди 19 дни
He makes coffee for the employees there.
Paul Harrison
Paul Harrison преди 19 дни
Who is Joe
furonwarrior преди 19 дни
I put the cream in cremate.
Just a peace of cake
Just a peace of cake преди 19 дни
Who's JOE?
The Salty Onion
The Salty Onion преди 19 дни
I also like to use human ashes as a substitute for coffee beans
Nojatha преди 19 дни
Wait... who’s Joe?
Cynant преди 19 дни
NOTE TO SELF: Don't buy no more of Cyanide & Happiness brand coffee.
John Jones
John Jones преди 19 дни
The best part of waking up, is now in your cup
Lochie Griffiths
Lochie Griffiths преди 19 дни
I was expecting him to mix Joe's ashes into his coffee
MyButtCheeks 11
MyButtCheeks 11 преди 19 дни
Song? 00:03
七号昆虫 преди 19 дни
What's 'a hot pot of joe', i can't get the point......
Benny преди 19 дни
“The best part of waking up, is folders in your hand!”
Noah Dusek
Noah Dusek преди 19 дни
Watching your videos are the best part of my day. Thank you😊
Jocuro преди 19 дни
Who's Joe?
OchiDO преди 19 дни
I just smoked a joint how is everybody
Blueblaze5 преди 19 дни
The intro is actually one second longer than the actual short
Busta Nut
Busta Nut преди 19 дни
The difference between a cup of joe and a cup of joel
Nick Ferrazza
Nick Ferrazza преди 19 дни
Took me a second, but when I got it, I got it.
only257 преди 19 дни
HashtagOrNah преди 19 дни
Goe had it coming with his name spelled like that
Renildo L. S. Junior
Renildo L. S. Junior преди 19 дни
What really matters is your attitude!
Coffee Music Official
Coffee Music Official преди 19 дни
To the person reading this, I’m sending lots of love to you💋.
James Wolf
James Wolf преди 19 дни
45 Potato
45 Potato преди 19 дни
The sound effect was on point
The Anti-social Gamer
The Anti-social Gamer преди 19 дни
That escalated quickly
supanerd reviews
supanerd reviews преди 19 дни
These don’t hit like older episodes used to. I mean there’s no secondary twist after the credits no real set up
Seth English
Seth English преди 19 дни
Who’s joe tho?
Raphael Ozeigbe
Raphael Ozeigbe преди 19 дни
I could have sworn I saw him holding coffee in the thumbnail
President Elmo
President Elmo преди 19 дни
Plot twist: That's how cofee is made
Maunster! преди 19 дни
Some coffees do taste like death warmed over.
Joel Lee
Joel Lee преди 19 дни
Tony Arc
Tony Arc преди 19 дни
Thats... not funny NOR entertaining,
brownin329 преди 19 дни
What does Joe taste like?😋
Matthewシ преди 19 дни
I miss heard it a bit then Realization flashes
random videos
random videos преди 19 дни
so what happens when he needs to use the john?
pancakelover 2000
pancakelover 2000 преди 19 дни
Can u do the 1 2 classic comic
Dr Paperbottom
Dr Paperbottom преди 19 дни
Nope not today
wahtah gang
wahtah gang преди 19 дни
Thas dark The smoke
Shiny Mewtwo
Shiny Mewtwo преди 19 дни
Intro music please?
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